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Nov. 16, 2009

Manitoban selected for the first ever award in Canada to recognize the advancing of the home performance industry

The Canadian award was given to the individual who has most advanced the home performance industry through dedication and activism, and was selected by an independent panel of judges.

The Criteria for Selection was based on the following:

  • Recognized efforts at promoting and advancing quality assurance for the home performance industry
  • Development and introduction of new standards and certifications
  • Expansion of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® and/or ecoENERGY- Retrofit Homes programs
  • Demonstrated success in professionalizing the home performance industry

The Tony Woods Award for Excellence in Advancing the Home Performance Industry is a new initiative from BPI in honor of Tony Woods, who passed away on May 8, 2009, after a battle with leukemia. As a former member of the BPI Board of Directors and President of Canam Building Envelope Specialists Inc. and ZERODRAFT®, Woods was a pioneer of the home performance industry.

 Mr. Dalgleish has been involved in the home performance industry for close to 30 years, with his entire business revolving around quality assurance, certification, industry collaboration and developing high industry standards for energy efficient and green buildings.

 Mr. Dalgleish has volunteered thousands of hours to promote home performance and move the industry forward by participating and being actively engaged in showing volunteer leadership.
He has worked on developing standards for energy efficient building products and serves as chairman of the ULC Thermal Insulation Committee and ULC Air Barrier Committee, and has represented Canada in developing ISO standards for various insulation products.

 Media Contact:  Ryan Dalgleish

                          Building Professionals


                          Fax. 204-956-5819

                          Em: rdalgleish@buildingprofessionals.ca

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