Frequently Asked Questions

Does the per certification fee of $250 carry across each of the area (siding & cladding, windows & doors, etc) or does an installer have to pay $250 for each one?

The certification is currently set up for a one time registration fee, period.  The installer then writes as many exams as he wants and pays for each exam.  For the annual fee, the installer will pay a single fee for his certification.  At re-certification time (normally every five years) the installer will have to do what the certification scheme committee has determined is necessary for each one of their certifications.

Do you have a hard copy of the 17024 standard?  

The document is  available here for a price of 108 Swiss Franks.  Unfortunately since it is a copywritted document, we cannot share a copy.

 Will the Spray Polyurethane Foam installers be certified to the installation standard?

The SPF installers will be certified to both ULC S718 and CAN/ULC S705.2

What does the yearly training look like?  Will it follow a credit system?

BPI Canada will need to decide this.  BPI USA uses a self declaration process.  They leave it up to the installer as to what they take for training/obtain education.  BPI Canada can also decide that no annual training is needed.

Should HVAC be included?

Yes, but basic only.  BPI Canada cannot get into the apprentice programs or provincial requirements for HVAC.

I have a concern with the bonding component necessary to become an Accredited Contractor and feel that it may price some contractors out of the game.

The bond or equivalent reduces the risk and cost for the warranty program.  With the EIFS Council of Canada for example, it was important to their members that the contractors have some “skin in the game”.  When work was done under the CHIP program in the 1970's a $10,000 bond was required.  ECC is working with a builder who got into the bonding business and he is providing ECC members with the bond.

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