How Does a Material Manufacturer List a Material with BPI Canada?

For a material to be listed on the BPI website, the manufacturer shall complete the evaluation criteria process outlined in the BPI Process for Approval of Thermal Insulation document (in development). Once a manufacturer has demonstrated to BPI that their material meets the established criteria and has completed the process of submitting test reports and supporting documents for their material, they will be listed in the tables below as a "BPI Evaluated Insulating Material" and included in the appropriate BPI Master Specifications.

All “Evaluated Insulating Materials” have product-specific test standards that they have to test to. The link above to the Process for Approval will outline those test standards.

Why Does a Homeowner Want to Choose BPI-Evaluated Materials?

The BPI material evaluation page is a comprehensive list of “BPI Evaluated Insulating Materials” that are used in residential homes to make the home more sustainable, more comfortable and save energy. 

 The list of “Evaluated Insulating Materials” provides a tremendous value to the homeowner by knowing the materials you choose are materials that have undergone testing to rigorous and known industry standards.  The values that we report for each of the material type are truthful and are acquired from independent third-party test reports based on industry standards applicable to that material and test property.  We’ve done the homework for you to ensure you’re choosing reputable materials from reputable manufacturers.

Ensure you always hire a BPI-Accredited Contractor as they have BPI-Certified Installer to install your insulating materials correctly. Examples of materials that will be evaluated included windows, doors, and various types of insulation including Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), boardstock (foil-faced and non-foil faced), blown-in cellulose, batt insulation, insulated concrete forms, loose-fill insulation, structural insulated panels, vacuum-insulated panels and rigid fibre-board insulation.

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